Trice Bonney

"Trice has taught me to trust my inner wisdom and develop the many aspects of my yoga practice. She is skilled at creating a safe and loving environment for her students, welcoming people of all levels and backgrounds into class. " 
Anne Brody, CYT

"Trice is an exceptional teacher of yoga. In every class, she brings clarity, courage and presence to her students. She lives her practice and that is palpable when you are with her. I have the highest regard for her capacity as a yoga teacher, a trusted advisor and support person at my studio. "
Jean Grant-Sutton
Owner Bodyworks-Integrative Yoga and Stress Management Center

"Thank you, Trice! You are a true healer, coach and friend for over 15 years. My body thanks you for the healing and deep massage, my heart thanks you for all the support, and my daily life thanks you for helping me be a stronger, more successful woman everyday."
Darlene Angeli

Trice Bonney


You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.
Indira Ghandi



I believe that practicing yoga is a great gift you give yourself. Yoga provides the means by which we can return to our natural balance, and my classes focus on restoring alignment and increasing range of motion – elements that keep our bodies open and available, especially as we age.

As we move toward physical balance, yoga also brings us into greater spiritual balance, opening the opportunity to experience and connect with internal bliss.

My 30 years of being a bodywork practitioner informs the physicality of my yoga practice, and my shamanic training allows me to bring spiritual insight to bear on my teaching. I strive to blend these two elements into innovative and enjoyable classes.



Breath is the movement of spirit in its subtlest physical expression. When you breathe gently and slowly, the body relaxes, the mind finds its center and the stage is set for inspiration-the flowing in of spirit.
Deepak Chopra M.D.