Trice Bonney



"After only a few visits with Trice, I knew that I had found someone special.  With amazing intuition, sensitivity, and generosity, Trice is helping my body to heal. Healing is any ongoing process; however, I can’t imagine tackling my issues without Trice.  Before a visit, I often feel tired, discouraged, and as if a great weight is dragging me down.  After a visit, I feel light, both in body and spirit, free of pain, and ready to face the world again.  I attribute this to Trice’s amazing skill, empathy, and energy." 
Kim Garman

"For the past fifteen years, my bodywork experiences with Trice are among the precious treasures of my life. Her knowledge, intuition and skills have created significant transformation for me. I will continue to drive the 100 miles for the rest of my life to enjoy your spirit, fingers and thumbs! "
Judy Grant
President, Grant and Associates

"Thank you, Trice! You are a true healer, coach and friend for over 15 years. My body thanks you for the healing and deep massage, my heart thanks you for all the support, and my daily life thanks you for helping me be a stronger, more successful woman everyday."
Darlene Angeli

Trice Bonney


We never touch people so lightly that we don’t leave a trace.



I have studied and practiced a variety of bodywork/massage disciplines since the mid-1970s. I specialize in visceral, cranio-sacral, deep tissue, realignment and lymphatic work. My goal is to facilitate the body coming back into balance.

I have trained at the National Holistic Institute, the Institute of Integral Health, and the Upledger Institute.  My principle teacher since 1992 has been Jean-Pierre Barral, the renowned French osteopath.

As much as I take a practical approach, I recognize that the body is not just  physical – it is also emotional, mental and spiritual. My work addresses all aspects of the self, depending on the individual desires and needs of each client.




Be good to yourself. If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?
Kobi Yamada