Trice Bonney Trice Bonney



"In addition to yoga classes with Trice, I have joined a group of women in a monthly “journeying” practice facilitated by Trice. This, too, has been an experience of deep awakening for me. Trice is generous with her spirit, her heart and her wisdom." 
Anne Brody

"If you are fortunate enough to find your way to Trice you will experience.... yourself. To put a name on her work would, to me, diminish it. She heals, when you are ready, at many levels."
David Field
Writer, Producer, Director

"I tend to be quite skeptical by nature and was truly surprised to find interesting insights and an evolving artistic vision emerge over the course of the workshop. I came away with a prayer stick and a mask – each of which express important aspects of myself."
Roxanne Turnage
Foundation Executive

It is who we are that changes the world not what we do.
Emmett Fox


In times of stress we all have tendencies to leave our bodies, trying to cope with what overwhelms us. My shamanic work provides tools to help individuals discover and make manifest their unique gifts and talents, and practices that help keep us connected to ourselves, mindful of who we are and living in balance.

By empowering ourselves, we develop the ability to reflect our growth and learning, thus giving back to our communities and to the world, at large. Offering an integrated approach that blends the spiritual with the practical, I share strategies for clearing out thoughts and habits that are no longer needed or energy we have taken on that is not ours, then bringing forth elements of ourselves that have been lost due to life’s trauma. With an ever-expanding and time-tested toolbox of techniques to stay fully present – even in the most challenging of times – my work focuses on creating an authentic, contented and fulfilled life.

My shamanic practice draws from my experiences with teachers and tribal traditions including apprenticeships with Lakota, Paiute and Washoe spiritual leaders. I have also studied with Michael Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Sandra Ingerman, Angeles Arrien, and Betsy Bergstrom. For more than a decade, I have anchored vision quests for adults as well as young people.